The Columbia Gorge

Our adventures in Oregon continue…

Later in the week, we took my parents east to the Columbia River gorge for some hiking.


Prehike fuel. Scrambled eggs with leftover prosciutto and spinach with blueberries on the side.


My parents did great with the hike in Forest Park over the weekend, so I figured they were up for the challenge that is Angel’s Rest. The hike is about 5 miles round trip with a 1500 foot elevation gain. It’s no walk in the park. :)


And we’re off!


Danny ended up getting stung a couple times when a bee flew into his shoe on the way up. Poor guy!


This is one of my favorite hikes in the gorge because you are rewarded with amazing views of the Columbia River at the top.



As is our tradition, we had a little picnic at the top. Everyone else had sandwiches and I had these flax crackers (no bueno)  and cherries.



Photo bomb! Nice one, Danny. :)



Next, we stopped over at Multnomah Falls.


Afterwards, we drove another half an hour to Hood River, a quaint little town with some breweries and shops.


We started off with a tour at Full Sail Brewery. This really made me miss beer. I’ve decided it’s officially my favorite alcoholic beverage. :)



So. Much. Beer.



At the end of the tour, our tour guide gave us each a pint glass to take home. Sweet!


Afterwards, we stopped into the pub for a drink. White wine for me.

double moutain

And we ended the day with dinner at Double Mountain Brewery. I had this ginormous spinach salad (I’m pretty sure I met my vitamin quota for the day).

double mountain 2

And the boys split this sausage, onion and mushroom pizza.

After dinner, we drove back to Portland and called it a night. Great day!

The Oregon Coast

Continuing on with our Oregon adventures with my parents!

On Monday, I enjoyed this yogurt parfait for breakfast before our trip to the coast.


It had (lactose free) yogurt, Renola, blueberries and a chopped peach.


On to the coast!


We drove out to Manzanita Beach where we rolled out some blankets and took in the views. The water is much too cold for swimming here in Oregon, but we did stick our feet in (we are so adventurous!).


My dad made some new friends on the beach. Meet Buddy and Blueberry. :)




Next up on the agenda – lunch! We drove down the 101 highway for a bit before stopping at the Jetty Fishery for some fresh crab.



You can actually rent out these boats and go catch the crab yourself, but we chose the easier option of having already caught crab.



We picked out some crabs from the tank, and the cook boiled them up for us.


About to dive in!


By the end we were all sticky and covered in crab juices. Totally worth it. :)



On the way back to Portland, we stopped into the Tillamook Cheese Factory.


Free samples!


This is where the magic happens. :)


These three enjoyed some Tillamook Ice Cream to cap off our day on the coast. Next up – our trip to the Columbia Gorge and Hood River!

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