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Weekend: November 22nd

A little late in sharing pics from last weekend, but I wanted to be sure and post them. I love reading old posts, and I consider this blog my little online scrapbook. :)

Friday night, we stayed in, made fettuccine alfredo (with brown rice noodles), and roasted some coffee.

Saturday morning, we had smoothies and then drove down to the River Market in KC, MO.


First stop, Quay Coffee. We are slowly making our way through K.C.’s best rated coffee places.

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We ordered a couple different pour overs (per the usual). They don’t roast their own coffee there, but they use mostly local and regional coffees.

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Next stop – River Market Antiques. Three floors of nick nacks. I’m really getting into the antiquing these days. :)

We saw lots of cool stuff, but since we don’t know exactly what are next place will look like (we are in a temporary place right now), we are hesitant to purchase any furniture or decorations.

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For lunch, we drove to the plaza to hit up The Mixx, which we are most certainly obsessed with. :)

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Danny ordered the Pretzel Chicken Sando which had grilled chicken, pepper jack cheese, sweet onions, tomato, spinach and garlic aioli. It was served with a massive salad.

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And I ordered the Main Street Chop Chop which had turkey, chickpeas, lentils, tomatoes, sugar snap peas, romaine, spinach and mozzarella with a mustard vinaigrette. They actually took all the ingredients, spread them out on a cutting board and chopped them into tiny pieces. Yum.

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The rest of the afternoon was notsogood. We had some car trouble and ended up getting stranded in some neighborhood off the plaza. Danny’s dad came and rescued us while our car got towed to the shop. Danny’s dad was kind enough to let us borrow his truck for the next couple days while our car was getting fixed. It’s pretty nice having family nearby.

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For dinner that night, we stopped into Zarda BBQ. Danny is on a mission to find the best burnt ends sandwich in all of K.C. The BBQ is good here, but unfortunately all the other things are not (fries, beans, etc.).


Sunday morning started with some coffee. We do it Chemex style in our house.


And pancakes. I used the recipe on the back of this package of Trader Joe’s All Purpose Flour.


I sauteed up some apples to throw on top along with some toasted chopped walnuts.


The pancakes were pretty good besides the fact that they weirdly did not brown up at all.


For lunch, I threw together some tortilla pizzas with brown rice tortillas, pesto, spinach, and parm.


And dinner was chili that had been cooking away in the crockpot all day. One of my favorite meals of all time. Topped with my family’s traditional things (Ashley style) – organic cheddar cheese, ketchup, crackers, cilantro and white vinegar.

Next post – all things Thanksgiving!

Kansas City Happenings

So Danny and I have been in KC for about a month now (me a little longer), and we are just getting settled in. Here’s some things that have been happening over the last few weeks.

1. I got a job!

Last week, I accepted an oncology nurse position at an outpatient bone marrow transplant clinic. I’m so excited to get started! My first day is December 1st, but I’ll have orientation for the first couple weeks and then more on the job training.

2. I ran the KC Half Marathon


I ran the Kansas City Half Marathon in October. This was an awesome race! We got to run through most of the KC districts like the Power and Light and Westport. The course is pretty flat and fast. I ran it in about 1:56 which was about a minute off my PR. The bad news is that I kind of messed up my knee (I felt it most of the race), and I’ve had to take a few weeks off running to let it heal. I ran about 2.5 miles this morning without pain so I’m hoping I can get back at it soon.

3. Danny’s brother got engaged.

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Danny’s brother got married to his long-time girlfriend, and I’m stoked to finally have her become a part of the family (even though she pretty much already was). Danny and I got to assist with the proposal which was on the rooftop of a building in the Crossroads. Then we had a wonderful dinner with family. So happy for these two. :)

4. Poor Frank

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So remember when Frank scratched his eye and it got infected and then he had to have it taken out? We are having the same issue with his other eye now. This was him on Saturday when he acquired his new accessory. Doesn’t he seem thrilled?

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All is not lost. We are on a strict medication regime that the doctor has hopes will help heal the ulcer and prevent an infection in the process. Frank gets three pills every morning and night, as well as 3 different eye drops every 2 hours. I consider myself Frank’s full-time caregiver. :)

5. We went to a K-State game. 

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In October, we drove to Manhattan, Kansas (our alma mater) for a football game. It had been years since I’d been back in the Little Apple (as so its called), and it brought back fond memories of college life (although I don’t miss the hangovers).

6. Checking out the KC coffee scene

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After our three years in Portland, you could say we’ve become somewhat picky about our coffee. KC is getting a lot of recognition for their coffee bars these days, and we needed to check them out. The above photo is from Thou Mayest in the Crossroads. We ordered two different pour over coffees and they served them in cute little jars. I was sold. :)

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We also went to Homer’s Coffee House in Old Overland Park on Sunday morning. Despite the outdated look of the place, my latte was perfect. I usually drink black coffee, but on the weekends, I’ve been treating myself to lattes. Good decisions.

7. Eating all the BBQ (and other food)

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Every weekend, Danny and I have been going to some of old favorite restaurants and checking out some new ones. Danny first choice was Happy Gillis in the Columbus Park neighborhood of KC. They serve rockin’ sandwiches, but I went with the soup and salad special. Lots of local ingredients and a fun eclectic vibe makes this place feel like it should belong in Portland (and I love it).

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I’ve also eaten three times already at The Mixx, a make you own salad place. They have two locations – one off the plaza and another in the Power and Light district (only open for lunch during the week). You can make your own salad, but I always order a salad off the menu or one of the specials. This place is amazing, and I would eat there everyday if I could. The regular size is huge (like you just ate your kale quota for the month huge), but the mini is just right.

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On Friday of last weekend, Danny and I went out to dinner to celebrate my new job. He let me pick, and I chose Eden Alley, a vegetarian and organic restaurant on the plaza. They have a Friday Date Night special where you can order an appetizer, two entrees and dessert for $30 dollars. We started with drinks – two ciders. Side note: KC needs more cider options at restaurants; I miss the Portland cider options.

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For our appetizer, we order a dip duet of hummus and spinach dip with gluten-free sweet potato flat bread.

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And for my entree, I ordered the Avocado Eggplant Street Tacos which were stuffed to the brim with fresh ingredients.

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Danny order the spinach mushroom loaf which came with potatoes.

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And for dessert, I ordered the vanilla cake that was served warm with chocolate sauce. So good.

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On Saturday, Danny’s parents took us out to celebrate as well. We went to Q39, a new upscale BBQ place on 39th Street. It totally lived up to the hype. The waitress suggested the combo plate so I ordered that. It came with your choice of meats and sides. I ordered the brisket and pulled pork with beans and coleslaw. Bonus – the gluten-free items were labeled on the menu. So nice of them. :)

And now you’re pretty much up to date. I have a week and a half of relaxing before I start my job. I’m going to try and get some Christmas shopping out of the way before the busyness takes over. So excited for the holiday season!

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